I was part of Erasmus Mundus IMIM (International Master in Industrial Management) 10th Edition, 2013-15. And since 2013, many fellow Indian students have contacted me with their questions regarding this programme. And the number of such students approaching me is only increasing every year. So I have decided to create this comprehensive one-stop solution for all queries related to IMIM.

To start off, here is a short video I created with few of my classmates from IMIM and ME3 7th edition, while studying in first semester at UPM, Madrid.



Since I have received so many questions covering different phases of IMIM application process, I have split the information into three parts. Please note that for basic overview of the programme and information about the course structure etc. you can refer the official website. Also there is a list of FAQs on the official website that I encourage you to check along with the following links.


Part 1: Basic FAQs in case you are curious about IMIM

Part 2: FAQs regarding Spanish student visa process

Part 3: Pre-departure FAQs and tips


I hope this information helps you. If you have any questions besides the ones discussed, feel free to comment on one of the relevant pages and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.